Save Money Save Our Planet Tiny Living


Atlanta, Georgia 07/20/2016

   In today's age, many people are not having large families or even having kids for that matter. Our elderly are not longer spending there last days in the guest room of our homes. We tend to no longer use the dining to host meals even when we have families. Yet, many people have not considered the joys of Tiny Living. Less house to clean, less house to maintain, a smaller carbon footprint, and the satisfaction of knowing you're making a difference, these are among many reasons to convert to a tiny house in Georgia. Having a tiny house in Georgia would give you mobility in a volatile climate such as civil unrest.

     Living in a Tiny House is not for everyone in Georgia but, in a state with such a vast rolling terrain there are many areas you could create your own tiny paradise (pun intended) in the wooded valley between two hill like shoulders, walls for you privacy. Away from people playing Pokemon Go and the likes. 

   Whether tiny living is for you is for you to decide. But we at Asap Platinum Contractors can build it, fix it, or restore it. Tiny or Mansion, lakefront or on a mountain Asap Platinum Contractors can do it. At your service.