Atlanta Georgia's Biggest Secret 2016 : Candler Behind The Sign

Candler Building Atlanta.

  Historic downtown Atlanta has some very peculiar architecture. Today's focus will be the little known north face of the Candler Building. In the picture shown above, the Coke sign, owned by the Candler was blocking this mystery. Here is what it looks like today:

Candler building with Coke sign removed.

As you can see in the photo above the Candler building has some mystery to it. In this photo you can see Native Americans and Negros with dragons under their heads separated by pit bulls and hound dogs. 

Below the carvings featured above is a Timeline of Georgia's history. It shows details of the Native Americans living in Georgia, settlers arriving, the trail of tears, and the cowboys moving in.

In the reminder of the Timeline shows the Georgia Constitution, Declaration of independence, the education system, churches built, houses built, railroads and bridges being built. What could this all mean? More to come soon.